The Burger Rankings.

One of my supervisors at work, an avid reader of the blog, recently asked why I didn’t have a running list of the best burgers. “I read your reviews and I look at the final score,” he said, “and I think, ‘Okay… compared to what?'”

So, here it is – the running tally of the best of the burgers I’ve tried so far in Central Indiana! This list does not yet include reviews that haven’t posted or reviews I haven’t written. Ties are arranged in alphabetical order.

The Official Indy Burger Guy Rankings:

Burgers Not Included in the “Official” Ranking*:

  1. 9.1Porky @ B Spot Burgers.
  2. 9.0The Shewman Special @ Scotty’s Brewhouse.
  3. 8.8Lucy @ Scotty’s Brewhouse.
  4. 7.9Grandma’s Old Timer Burger @ Keys Gourmet Slider Station.

These rankings will be updated every week to include the most recently-reviewed burger. Check back often!

* These are burgers that I’ve reviewed that are not included of the “official” ranking of best burgers in Central Indiana for one of three reasons: (1.) they come from larger chains that supersede the ‘regional’ cut-off (i.e. – have locations beyond just two states and Indiana; Scotty’s Brewhouse fits into this category), (2.) they come from restaurants further than 50 miles outside of Indianapolis, or (3.) they do not meet the ‘official’ guidelines laid out in my burger criteria.