The Signature Burger @ Rebar.

The Indy Burger Guy visited Rebar in Downtown Indy on Wednesday, November 15, 2017.

I don’t get into downtown Indianapolis all that often, especially since my recent move to the south side of town. However, when you get a jury duty summons and don’t get selected to serve, what do you do with yourself? Well, if you’re a burger guy like I am, you see if there are any decent burgers to be had in the vicinity… and, fortunately for me, I found that Rebar was just across the street from the City-County Council Building!

Rebar is a relatively new bar, having only just opened back in 2016, but they’ve already made a name for themselves with their attention to the “three B’s” – Beer, Bourbon, and Boozy adult milkshakes. Their rotating beer selection is carefully curated and totally self-serve – various taps are built into the walls and you’re able to pour your own, choosing one of twenty craft brews. For all the attention to the three B’s above, Rebar does do a pretty mean Burger as well.

And I do mean ‘burger’ in the singular. As in one. Only one. That is to say, there is only one burger on Rebar’s menu. But, oh, what a burger it is!

(Okay, so technically speaking, there are two burgers on Rebar’s menu – the Signature Burger and the Black Bean Burger, a blend of roasted sweet potato, black beans, and green onions served on toasted brioche with lettuce, tomato, and something called ‘RB sauce.’ However, for the purposes of my experiment, there is only one burger on their menu.)

The Signature Burger is a half-pound of a “special house blended Angus beef” topped with melted cheese, bacon jam, a slice of tomato, and grilled red onion all nestled on a toasted brioche bun. It’s that simplicity and economy that really help make the Signature Burger worth the trek downtown.

I’m not sure what beef cuts went into the “special house blend” – I didn’t ask and, to be honest, I’m not sure they would have told me if I had – but it made for a rich and tasty burger. It was also very well-seasoned and expertly prepared to a perfect medium. And the beef is definitely the star here, as should be the case with any burger.

The toppings, however, are no slouch either. The bacon jam is out of this world and its salty, smoky sweetness contrasts well with the fresh umami of the tomato and mild char of the grilled onions. The jam also stands in place of the sauce element excellently, making the absence of a sauce a non-issue.

The toasted brioche bun also provided excellent coverage and managed to stay in one piece throughout the entire burger eating process. And, as brioche, it proved thick enough to hold up to the burger juices and soft enough to make eating difficult.

All told, the Signature Burger at Rebar makes for one heck of a John Hancock at this local downtown watering hole! It’d be worth your time to check it out!
TASTE: 45/50

20 N. Delaware St.
Indianapolis, IN
Cost Range: $$$ ($12 and over)*

*The Signature Burger clocks in at $12 on the button, but you can upgrade to a double burger for just $3 more.


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