B Spot, We Hardly Knew Ye!

When I first learned that celebrity chef Michael Symon had opened a burger restaurant in Indianapolis, I was well and truly excited.  Shortly before my first trip to the Ironworks to try it out, I had endeavored to start this blog and knew that B Spot was going to be a must-stop location!

And, sure enough, it was!  I requested my wife take me here for lunch to celebrate my birthday and write my second review, for the Yo! at B Spot – a burger topped with fried salami, capicola ham, melted provolone, banana peppers, and Symon’s own ShaSha sauce and served on a brioche bun.  It was tasty!  Very tasty.  So tasty, we ended up making several trips back to try more of Symon’s tasty burger offerings.

So I was understandably bummed to learn, thanks to Liz Biro at the Indy Star, that Michael Symon and business partner Doug Petkovic had decided – rather suddenly from what I’m given to understand – to close down their Indianapolis location due to the “very, very crowded” nature of the Indy burger scene.  Which I can understand, I suppose.  I mean, my list of burger restaurants to try gets progressively larger with every passing day.  Also, their Yelp reviews were not necessarily consistently positive (though, I’ll be honest, I take most Yelp reviews with a grain of salt – I’m pretty sure you can buy good ones if you want).

Still, I always felt that B Spot was a consistently solid and welcome addition to the Indy burger scene.  It was a burger spot that I generally felt good about recommending to people who wanted a great burger.  (In fact, I’m quite sure I recommended them to some friends from out of town the week they decided to close!  Talk about bad timing!)  While there are still six B Spot locations in Detroit, MI and Symon’s native Ohio (Cleveland and Columbus), there’s a large Indianapolis-sized hole.

If Biro’s article is to be believed – and I have no reason to think it isn’t – Symon isn’t planning to open any more restaurants in the Indianapolis market.  Which is a shame… because Indy is such an up-and-coming Midwest food destination that it’s a pity to think a chef of his caliber will miss out on making his mark on its landscape.

Even so, with just two years in operation, I feel we hardly got a chance to get to know B Spot as a part of the Indy food scene.  And that, I feel, is the real tragedy.  Farewell, B Spot!


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