In Memory of Boogie Burger.

When the woman who would one day become my wife first moved to Indianapolis, she lived in a small studio apartment about fifteen minutes from Broad Ripple. I would eventually move into another studio down the street and, together, we’d make frequent trips into Broad Ripple to visit a couple of favorite spots. For my Mrs., the allure mainly came in the form of the shawarma and hookah from The Egyptian. For me, it was always Boogie Burger.

There was always a lot to like about Boogie Burger: they had a great menu packed with inventive and tasty-looking burgers, their prices weren’t ever terribly outrageous, and the food was always of the highest quality – fresh beef, fresh toppings, great flavor! I recall several trips to Boogie Burger in the days before I started this blog in which the two of us would stop in and grab a tasty burger and side of the unparalleled garlic fries.

Unfortunately, by the time I started up this blog, the wife and I (now married) had moved out of the greater Broad Ripple area, making trips more infrequent. I recall only one or two trips in the past year since I’ve been “the Indy Burger Guy,” one of which was recorded here on this blog. (For the other, I was unable to find a parking spot – it was a Friday evening – and I ended up eating elsewhere. Perhaps I should have waited.)

Sadly, it was announced earlier this week via Twitter that Boogie Burger had closed its doors after ten years of serving the Broad Ripple neighborhood. I know that I am not alone in lamenting the loss of one of the great Indianapolis-area burger joints. I am most disappointed that I won’t be able to review their version of the Western burger, called the Wild Wild West, which I have been told was their most popular. I also regret not getting to try their pineapple-topped Hawaiian-style burger, the Maui Wowie (it seems like the kind of inventive burger I’d love to sink my teeth into).

Mostly, I’m sad that I won’t again get the chance to eat there again, to experience one of the burgers that I so closely equate with this city.

I wish all the best to the Radford family and all those at Boogie Burger. I look forward to seeing what you come up with next!

Thanks for the memories and, most importantly, for the great burgers!

boogie burger
Image from TheIndyChannel


I’ve been on something of a self-appointed hiatus recently. My wife and I recently moved to the south side of Indianapolis and getting out to eat burgers has been overshadowed with all the stresses and excitement of moving. But, rest assured, I do plan to return with new burger reviews from around Indy… and beyond!



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