Grandma’s Old Timer Burger @ Keys Gourmet Slider Station.

The Indy Burger Guy visited Keys Gourmet Slider Station on Monday, June 19, 2017.

This post is part one of a two-part set. Be sure to check back next week for another review from Keys Gourmet Slider Station next week!

One of the things, I love most about the place where I work are the little perks and incentives provided by the company. Recently, three food trucks visited our workplace and employees who charitably contribute to a local charity were basically able to partake in a free lunch from one of the trucks, which is a pretty sweet option, all told. As I did last year, I made sure that one of the trucks was serving burgers and then made my plans accordingly.

This year, the burger option was Keys Gourmet Slider Station, a food truck that’s been active around town since 2011, serving up a variety of slider options from standard burgers to ham and cheese to flatbread sliders. Two of the options fit into the mold of ‘beef burger,’ so those were the two I opted for and reviewed. This week’s review features the first burger I tried – Grandma’s Old Timer Burger – and the second will feature in next week’s review… so stay tuned!

As food trucks go, I was seriously impressed with the sheer volume of options offered by the Slider Station. While there are only three beef burgers on their menu, there are over 30 different entree options in total, including vegetarian choices. The truck offers several selections from their vast menu every day and those selections rotate from day to day.

The first of the two sliders I got was Grandma’s Old Timer Burger, which is a fairly straight-forward burger. It comes with thinly-sliced white onions, leaf lettuce, a slice of tomato, and yellow mustard with a sweet gherkin pinned to the top. There’s no cheese, which is unfortunate as that means it doesn’t meet the guidelines for inclusion in the official rankings, but it was a good burger, so I’m still going to review it.

The burger is well-seasoned, but not too aggressively. I was initially worried when I saw the “lightly seasoned” description on the menu, but it ended up being seasoned well. The standout flavors of the burger was the onion and the yellow mustard, which made for a bit of a bracing bite. It didn’t necessarily overwhelm the meat, but did conspire to mask the flavor, which was not the most pleasant experience.

Also, the bun, despite being relatively thick, was soaked through on the bottom (which, you might remember, is a bit of a constant gripe of mine) and there are two possible reasons why: (1.) the onions were stuck to the bottom of the bun – if they’d been soaking before being placed on the burger, it could explain the wet bottom bun, or (2.) the residual grease from the beef patty, which typically tends to be the cause of soaked bun syndrome. However, the burger itself wasn’t particularly greasy, so I’m leaning more toward Option #1.

Still, this a pretty solid burger for a slider. The meat quality was great and the ingredients were fresh and there wasn’t anything to really muck up the eatability of the burger. The beef is sauteed with the onions, most likely, which makes it taste like a high-end White Castle burger (which is great). Fewer onions and less mustard would really go a long way to helping it be an even better burger, though.

Make sure you tune in next week for another review from another great burger at Keys Gourmet Slider Station!

EXECUTION: 2.9/3.5
TASTE: 3.8/5.0


Keys Gourmet Catering & Slider Station
3748 Lafayette Road
Indianapolis, IN

For more information about food truck locations, check their website:
Cost Range: $ ($6 and under)*

* Keys Gourmet Slider Station offers two sliders for $8, which comes to $4 per slider, hence this classification.


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