Happy Burger Week, Indy!

Last year, the fine people at NUVO decided to get a bunch of local burger joints together to raise money for Second Helpings – an awesome organization that helps to convert potential food waste into meals that provide assistance to local service agencies. How do they raise that money, you ask?

They sell burgers.

For $5.

That’s right – I said $5 burgers.

43 Indianapolis restaurants will be selling select burgers for just $5. To get a complete list of restaurants and the burgers they’re offering for the low, low price of half a sawbuck – as well as other great information about how best to enjoy Indy Burger Week, head over to

As for myself, in addition to tracking down as many new burgers as I can to review for the blog, I’ll be spotlighting six of the burgers being offered for $5 this week that I’ve tried and reviewed already, starting with today’s review of the A1 Arni’s Burger @ Arni’s Restaurant. Tune in every day this week for another ‘blast-from-the-past’ review of a Burger Week burger that you can try for just $5!



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