Bonnie’s Bank Burger (with cheese) @ B&C’s Hideout.

The Indy Burger Guy visited B&C’s Hideout in New Palestine, IN on Wednesday, April 5, 2017.

When some business took my wife and I to New Palestine, IN, we sought the aid of family friend Kevin Harvey, who lives in New Pal, where a good place to stop for dinner might be. Kevin is an avid reader of the blog so he knows of my love of a good cheeseburger. He recommended two locations – one I’ll explore some time in the future, but the other was B&C’s Hideout!

The titular ‘B&C’ are a reference to notorious bank robber couple, Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow. Many of you are undoubtedly familiar with the portrayal of the couple by Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty in Arthur Penn’s 1967 classic Bonnie and Clyde.

bonnie&clydeClyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker – violent criminals and namesakes for a family eatery in New Palestine, IN.

The restaurant itself is actually a very nice establishment, with an entrance that opens between a bar and a larger family dining area. There’s not much in the way of decor to really sell the “gangster hideout” theme – the bar area is mainly filled with neon signs for various local and national beers, while the family dining area is pretty plain (with the exception of a cartoonish picture of a gangster near the entrance admonishing patrons to “reach for the fries,” that is).

Being the Indy Burger Guy, I was naturally drawn to Bonnie’s Bank Burger, which was a fairly standard hamburger, all told. There is an upcharge for cheese, so if you don’t know better, you’ll order the burger expecting cheese and come out with a bare burger. I made sure to order mine with American cheese (natch) and the burger itself included shredded iceberg lettuce, sliced tomato, a slice of white onion, and mayo, with a dill pickle spear served on the side.

The burger itself was fairly serviceable as burgers go. Well-seasoned and cooked properly, the biggest crime this burger commits is that of using a flimsy kaiser-style bun to hold its juicy contents. Those of you who are fans of the blog know that this is a particular pet peeve of mine. Bonnie’s Bank Burger was one of the worse offenders, falling apart almost instantly. The kaiser-style bun is one I wouldn’t mind seeing fazed out of Indy area burger joints – they almost never are able to stand up to their burgers, which makes for decreased eatability and a messy and unwieldy burger experience.

There’s really not too much more to say, truth to tell. While the service is friendly and the restaurant is nice enough, the burger is pretty middle-of-the-road, in all honest. Nothing terribly special, but with a glaring flaw in the design (i.e. – the bun issue). I don’t know that I’d tell you to go out of your way to seek out the Bank Burger, but if you happen to be in New Palestine, you could do a lot worse than B&C’s.

EXECUTION: 2.6/3.5
TASTE: 3.7/5.0


B&C’s Hideout Restaurant & Pub
7242 U.S. 52
New Palestine, IN
Cost Range: $$ ($7-$12)


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Did you try their onion rings? They are fantastic!


    1. I did not! I’ll have to make it a point to do that next time I’m out there! Thanks for the tip!


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