2016 – A Year in Review.

2016 has been a pretty crazy year for many and, for me in particular, it held a few interesting changes, not least of which was my decision to start this blog and my own personal quest of finding the best burger in Indianapolis. It’s been a pretty amazing year… or, half-year, since the blog technically only started in July of this past year. In that time, I’ve had the good fortune to visit a lot of great Indianapolis-area restaurants and sample a lot of truly wonderful cheeseburgers.

So today, at the threshold of a new year full of incredible new burger opportunities, I offer you a ‘year in review’ glance at some of the amazing burger opportunities that 2016 has afforded me, starting with a few superlatives:

Best Burger Value of 2016: The Workingman’s Friend.


Not only is the Double Cheeseburger at one of Indy’s oldest watering holes one that’s drawn attention from all over the nation, but, at just over $5, it’s one of the best burger values in the city! I’ve paid a lot more for burgers not as good and, believe me, the Workingman’s Friend is worth the drive and more than worth the price!

Runner-Up: The Mug in Greenfield.

Most Unexpected Burger Experience of 2016: BoxBurger.


I always have high expectations when I hit a food truck (mainly because I’ve rarely had anything less than a wonderful experience from a food truck), but BoxBurger took me completely unawares! I was read for a tasty burger, but a great smashed patty burger with no frills that would quickly become a new favorite? That I was not ready for!

Runner-Up: Taylor’s Pub.

Biggest, Boldest Burger Experience of 2016: Between the Bun.


While the Big Ugly goes above and beyond in terms of pure poundage, there’s no beating the bold, daring, and flavorful intensity of BtB’s Big Daddy! After months of being courted by them online, I was delighted to find that Between the Bun was certainly able to put their money where their mouth was with their B.A. signature burger!

Runner-Up: Bub’s Burgers and Ice Cream.

Burger Experience Most Worth the Drive  in 2016: The Lemon Drop.


I’ve driven all over Central Indiana on my burger quest this year – Greenwood, Carmel, Greenfield, Zionsville, Fishers – but I’ve not gone further than Anderson on my quest for burger greatness! The Lemon Drop is an Anderson institution and one that I found to be worth the trek!

Runner-Up: The Mug in Greenfield.

Biggest Burger Regret of 2016: ScratchTruck.


When I saw them at the Irvington Street Fair in October, I had no idea it’d be my last chance to get one of their much-lauded Scratch Burgers. If I had, I might have made a different food truck decision that day. Unfortunately – both for me and for Indianapolis – Scratch founder Matt Kornmeyer announced last Friday that Scratch would be suspending operations. For those that knew them well, this is sad; for me, who never got the chance, this is deeply upsetting. I wish Matt and everyone at Scratch the best of luck in whatever endeavor comes next for them! I look forward to seeing what they do next!

Ten Best Burgers in Indianapolis in 2016.

Before I start this list, I do want to say that there are a few burgers on this list that haven’t been reviewed yet, so I’m omitting all final scores until such a time as their reviews are posted. In the event of ties, I’ve reorganized the burgers into alphabetical order. (The official Burger Rankings list will be updated when each new review is completed.)

Here they are – the best burgers I’ve tried in Central Indiana this year:

10.) Lucy @ Scotty’s Brewhouse.
9.) Boogie Burger with cheese @ Boogie Burger.
8.) Beast @ Beast Food Truck.
7.) The Big Daddy @ Between the Bun.
6.) Yo! @ B Spot.
5.) Cheeseburger @ BoxBurger.
4.) Bru Burger @ BRU Burger Bar.
3.) Porky @ B Spot.
2.) Flamme Burger @ Flamme Burger.

And the Number One burger in Central Indiana for 2016 is…

1.) Double Cheeseburger @ Workingman’s Friend.

Thanks to all the restaurants who were so welcoming and inviting this year! I look forward to visiting many of you again in the New Year!

Ten Burger Places I Most Want to Try in 2017.

I had a makeshift list in my head when I started of restaurants I most wanted to try before the end of 2016 and, by the skin of my teeth, I managed to visit all of them! (The last one unvisited on my list was Flamme Burger, where I ate yesterday with my sister and brother-in-law.) In that same spirit, here (in alphabetical order) are ten burger restaurants that I’ve not yet been to that are at the top of my list of places to try in 2017:


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jan says:

    Thanks Burger Guy! We are thrilled to make your 2016 list. We have learned a lot this first year and plan to take 2017 by storm! Please come back to see us anytime ~ dinner (or lunch) is on us! Have a safe and happy 2017!! And keep eating those burgers~


  2. Will Howe says:

    You should add Beefcake Burger to your list! I like your blog man!


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