The Donald @ Stacked Pickle.

The Indy Burger Guy visited Stacked Pickle yet again on Saturday, November 5, 2016.

Happy Election Day, Reader! This is a special edition of the Indy Burger Guy, highlighting a great election promotion at a local burger chain! Perhaps when you get out and vote today, you can treat yourself to a burger to celebrate having done your civic duty!

What can I say? We love the Stacked Pickle!

By this point, I’ve written enough about the Stacked Pickle that you should know what the place is like. If you need a refresher or are new to the blog, go ahead and read the links in the last sentence. That being said, the ambiance has changed little within the last six months this blog has been operational, so I don’t know that I can add any new pieces of information about the establishment itself.

In this time of national turmoil, with this presidential election being one of the most cutthroat and divisive in recent memory, Stacked Pickle is running a ‘Vote Your Stomach’ promotion, encouraging voters to come in and select the burger that corresponds to the candidate of your choice! (As an FYI – I didn’t do that. I’m voting third party this cycle, but since there was no Johnson Burger – I’d imagine that burger would come with a split grilled hot dog, lots and lots of cheese, and a ‘What is Aleppo?’ chile mayo – I had to settle for another candidate. There… that’s as political as I get…) The featured burgers are The Hillary and The Donald:

Image courtesy of Stacked Pickle.

Looking at the ingredient list, you can see there are some obvious humorous winks to each of the candidates – the redacted ingredients list which references the email ‘scandal’ that plagued Clinton throughout the campaign, “2x the Bull” referencing Trump’s low Politifact ratings, as well as references to Trump’s overly-tanned facade (“Cheddar Cheese fried to golden perfection”) and billionaire status (“Billion [really Thousand] Island Dressing”).

Ultimately, what it came down to was which burger met the criteria to be rated on my blog: The Hillary was a turkey burger patty and, as Rule #2 clearly states, “Must be beef!” So The Donald ended up being my final answer… on this particular day. (And, as both burgers are priced at $9.99 and The Donald comes with two beef patties, it’s also the better value!)

(For those who are wondering, the Hillary is a 7-oz. turkey burger patty topped with melted pepper jack cheese, some manner of sauce [for the life of me, I can’t remember – it may have been spicy], pico de gallo, avacado [maybe?], and the standard foliage options – lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickle. It’s served with a side of fries. Seriously, though, ask your server what’s on it. I stopped at ‘turkey’ due to the blog guidelines…)

The Donald, on the other hand, is – to put it in the language of Trump himself -“yuge!” It’s a double-patty burger (14-oz. total precooked weight) topped with cheddar cheese, fried onion straws, bacon, and “billion” island dressing (really Thousand Island Dressing) all atop a kaiser-style roll. Keeping it all contained is a large toothpick with not one, but two fried pickle chips!

While this burger is far from perfect, I think it’s fair to say that I liked the burger a great deal more than I like candidate it was named for. (Okay, I guess I lied. Apparently, I do get more political…) I’d even go so far to say that it was the best burger experience I’ve yet had at Stacked Pickle.

First, the good: this is a flavorful burger! As busy as it is, the toppings aren’t all applied seemingly willy-nilly, which was the impression that I got from The Big Pickle. There’s a creamy, sweet element brought by the Thousand Island, a crispy saltiness from the bacon, and a sweet-savory crunch from the fried onion straws. The cheddar does wind up getting lost, but I’m still legitimately glad it’s there. I ended up adding the fried pickled chips to the burger itself which also helped add a welcome sour note to the proceedings.

I’ve said before that the beef at Stacked Pickle is decent quality and generally well-seasoned and well-cooked. This burger was definitely well-seasoned, but at least one of my two patties was a touch overdone. Still, the meat is tasty and The Donald was as well-seasoned as any other burger I’ve had at Stacked Pickle.

As for the negative, I’ve said over and over and over that the kaiser-style buns are not ideal from the standpoint of bun integrity. (I’ll be addressing this issue even more in-depth later this month.) That bun was as ill-equipped to hold a burger of that magnitude as Donald Trump is to hold the office of President of the United States. (Okay, I know. You come here for burger reviews, not political commentary. That’s the last one. Promise.) As soon as I picked up the burger, the bottom bun was already saturated in grease. Not an auspicious start, to be sure. By burger’s end, the bottom bun was practically non-existent, and the top bun was in no better shape.

It’s also a lot to take on all at one time. Sure, the flavors are good, but about halfway through, I started to wonder if there was an end in sight. It’s a lot of beef and a lot of toppings. This burger will fill you up and give your taste buds a bit of sensory overload while it’s at it!

If you get a chance after voting for the next leader of the free world today, swing by your local Stacked Pickle – with eight locations around Central Indiana… and one in West Lafayette – and Vote Your Stomach! Let your voice be heard, America!

EXECUTION: 2.3/3.5
TASTE: 4.3/5.0


Stacked Pickle
various locations around Central Indiana
Cost Range: $$ ($7-$12)

DISCLAIMER: Stacked Pickle in no way sponsored this post. I made a conscious choice to post it today so you would be able to go out and try the burger while it was still available rather than to do so a month later.