The Hangover @ Stacked Pickle.

The Indy Burger Guy visited Stacked Pickle again on September 23, 2016.

I knew it was only a matter of time before fate drew me back to the West Carmel Stacked Pickle. As I’ve mentioned before, their proximity to both my home and place of employ, along with my wife’s love for their Cajun Steak Wraps, pretty much assured that I’d be walking through their doors again for another burger.

And Stacked Pickle does have a lot of burgers to choose from, to be sure. There are no less than thirteen beef burgers available on the menu as well as a turkey burger and a veggie burger for people that like that kind of thing. Toppings range from the very simple (the Royale is a simple cheeseburger – likely a reference to Pulp Fiction) to the fairly complex (see my review of the Big Pickle). According to their menu, each and every one of those burgers is made with 100% fresh, never frozen beef.

This time, I opted to take on the Hangover, which is a serious burger. The all-beef patty is topped with cheddar cheese, bacon, and a fried egg, along with leaf lettuce, a tomato slice, and red onion, all on a kaiser-style bun. I’m guessing it’s meant to be eaten after a night of heavy drinking, but that wasn’t the case for me. It reminded me a lot of the breakfast burgers I’ve had in the past. (I like breakfast burgers!)

This was an… okay burger. The beef is good quality, well-cooked and well-seasoned. I got it cooked medium and it was perfectly done. I was not, however, asked how I wanted my egg cooked. It was cooked just shy of over-hard with only a little bit of runny yolk to provide the saucy element of the burger. The fried egg does add a richness of flavor, but I’d have liked more yolk.

What the burger did not have a shortage of was grease. Between the burger, the egg, and the bacon, the first bite was among the messiest I’ve had since the Punch Cheeseburger at Punch Burger. Grease shot out of the burger onto my shirt and all over the plate. The messiness was compounded by the flimsiness of the kaiser bun. I had a similar problem with the Big Pickle – the grease seeps into the bottom bun, which causes it to disintegrate. This severely affected the overall eatability of the burger.

All told, this wasn’t a bad burger, but I’ve had better. It gets the job done, certainly, but is far from the best burger out there.

EXECUTION: 2.9/3.5
TASTE: 3.7/5.0


Stacked Pickle
various locations around Central Indiana
Cost Range: $$ ($7-$12)


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