The Original @ Beefcake Burgers.

The Indy Burger Guy visited Beefcake Burgers in Greenwood on Sunday, September 18.

In celebration of National Cheeseburger Day, I called up my parents to see if they wanted to visit a burger place with me to celebrate. (My wife was out of town and I didn’t want to celebrate alone.) Well, to be clear, I initially called my dad as my mother is practically a vegan who happens to be very picky about vegetarian burgers. As residents of the Southport/Greenwood area, there are certainly no shortage of burger joints nearby – at least twelve places on my burger list! – but ones that have a good vegetarian option? Slimmer.

We finally decided that we’d head over to Beefcake Burger in Greenwood. They have salad options and my mother couldn’t resist the allure of their pickle fries.

Beefcake is a local franchise with a total of four locations throughout Central Indiana, in Greenwood, New Castle, Martinsville, and Greencastle. The Greenwood location is their flagship store, a decently-sized dining room decked out in a kitschy-fun Western decor, up to and including a statue of a cartoon bull (the franchise’s mascot) flexing.

The Beefcake Burgers mascot welcomes patrons to the flagship Greenwood location.

Beefcake Burgers specializes in the smashed patty burger, specifically with stacking those smashed patties. The restaurant offers a five-stack on their menu, but also tantalizes with mention of a “10-stacker challenge,” promising that “the sky’s the limit” in terms of patties and toppings.

And that, I think, is what really separates Beefcake Burgers from a lot of other burger joints around town – the seemingly limitless array of options available! There are no less than fifteen toppings available at no additional charge from fresh veggies to sauces and condiments. Every burger also comes with a choice of cheese – American, Swiss, pepper jack, and cheddar. They also offer bacon, fried eggs, chili, cheddar cheese sauce, and additional patties for an upcharge. There’s no need for ‘specialty’ burgers at Beefcake – with that degree of customization, it takes very little effort to craft your own great personalized burger!

It’s easy, then, to imagine that one could potentially get carried away with this kind of topping option freedom. I would certainly advise against it at any rate! (As to why… well, steady on, dear reader…)

The Original is Beefcake Burgers’ three-patty option – a combined total of 1/3 lb. of beef with slices of gooey melty cheese sandwiched between them. With the topping options wide open, I kept it classic – lettuce, tomatoes, onion, pickle, and mayonnaise. (Additional ketchup, mustard, and steak sauce are available either on the table or at the condiment stand, but I avoided them.) Each burger is served on a kaiser-style bun with a toothpick American flag stuck in. (Beefcake bills themselves as “the all-American burger shack.”)

The burger came to the table piping hot, cheese oozing out gloriously from between the individual patties. The triple-stack was placed right on the lower bun of the burger, which quickly soaked up the grease from the patties. Unfortunately, this meant that the bun integrity was severely compromised to the point that, about halfway through my eating of the burger, I had to flip the whole thing upside down and eat it that way to keep myself from losing my grip. This sincerely hampered the eatability of the overall burger.

These slights are small, though, when compared with the overall quality of the burger. The three beef patties make for an almost perfect balance of meat, toppings, and bread. The beef is good quality, well-seasoned, and expertly cooked. The smashed patties are crispy at the edges and juicy in the middle. The American cheese was gooey and melted and, next to the beef, was the real standout of the sandwich. Perfect ratio!

It’s clear that Beefcake Burgers has a commitment to quality that shines through in their delightful smashed patty burgers. This is a tasty, beefy, cheesy, and altogether respectable burger and, should you find yourself in the area, stop by and pick one up. Definitely worth a stop!

EXECUTION: 2.8/3.5
TASTE: 4.2/5.0

TOTAL: 8.3/10

Beefcake Burgers
various locations across Central Indiana

Cost Range: $$$ ($6 and under; $7-$12)*

*The price range at Beefcake ranges from a single patty burger all the way up to a five-stack, so the price really depends on how hungry you really are.


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